Hello my name is Robert and I’m the editor of a new magazine about TRUTH!
I called my magazine TRUTH-isit? because what is truth, who’s truth is it and is it true or another made up story to confuse and cast doubt. The articles will be normal people’s spiritual experience’s that they would not really mention due to the fear of mentioning something seemingly absurd or could bring fear to someone reality.
My interest in the unknown has been with me most of my life. As I write this in 2018 people still laugh at me and what I believe in calling it a hobby of no special importance. I have had people telling me "No that did not happen" or "you were ill and did not really see that" as I speak about seeing UFO's, star beings, dragons, elves and so on. I can even give some evidence as in the pictures I take, but no they are not even interested just slightly amused with my passion as they return back into their 3D brain washed World as I like to call it (a bit rude I know).

So in the year of 2018 (master number 11 & 2) my focus is to leave my current job, have a printed & electronic magazine, visit Peru, attune people to Rahanni healing and to be free! All this is actually in progress!