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Welcome to my website and to my truth! The launch of my magazine should be early 2016. The goal of the magazine is to expand the consciousness of the reader in learning about alternative truths. By knowing these truths is not to bring fear or even to debate is it true or not, but to expand your thinking in what might be. So you go searching, researching, reading lots of information and finding your guru who will speak about their truth. Simply put the truth is not out there but very much within you through the connection of your heart to all there is! This I hope the reader will eventually get to through their own path of amazing discoveries. The World is so much more and you are so much more than that! You just need to remember who you are!

Launch Issue of TRUTHiSIT?

The launch issue is in progress and within the pages will be an editors patch as I call it. This is where I have my say and tell you my truths as I see them in this moment in time. In the last 5 years I have taken several paranormal pictures and I know people will laugh and not believe. These pictures are of an elf, fairy, green man, strange white bird and other angelic type beings that I can not even label. Most on viewing my pictures can not even see what I see or they say I used photoshop! These beings have of coarse been in folk lore and fairy stories around the world for every in recorded history. I have also had over my fair share of UFO siting's and have seen a Star being. So I can write about these things from my own experience and not just repeat what others are saying.

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