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Welcome to my website which is about my truth and my reality. My magazine will be launched in the early part of 2018 in a printed format. It will be mainly be sold at festivals around the UK. A digital version may follow later. To explain the pictures in the banner the Cedar tree comes from the first two schools I went to in the UK. My badge was the cedar tree and there was indeed a cedar tree by the main entrance. The tree to me is very sacred though I'm not sure why I think this. The symbol or logo for my site is from a crop circle that appeared in 2017 which includes two triangles that is used in Rahanni healing system which I am attuned to. The number 127 is the number of the house I was born in.

This image below I took off Silvery Hill in Wiltshire but added the sky from
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Front cover of my new magazine due out in early 2018.